Code of Conduct

While we strive to keep the number of hard and fast rules that we have to a minimum, certain types of behavior serve only to harm other participants or the event itself. The following types of behavior will not be tolerated, and can result in ejection from the event or banning from one or more future FAI-sponsored events. Nothing herein is intended to or shall waive the right of FAI to ban or restrict access by an individual or entity as it may determine, in its sole discretion, is warranted.

You can file a conduct complaint at

  • Consent violations of an aggressive or sexual nature. This includes any kind of physical contact with the body of another without their express consent, regardless of intent.

  • Stalking/Harassment. If someone asks you to leave them alone, and you continue to engage with them or follow them around, you will be asked to leave. Verbal assaults, especially of a continued, aggressive, and/or sexual nature constitute harassment.

  • Endangering others. Do not do things that will put others in serious danger. Please note that FAI cannot help you if you are personally sued by a participant that you thought gave consent. Do not bring items to an FAI event that could endanger others, such as guns, explosives, fireworks, unsafe fire art, etc. This section also includes non-consensual intoxication.

  • Entering an FAI event without invitation. All participants, staff, Board Members, landowners, etc. gain entry to our events by purchasing tickets, using a pass that is specifically negotiated (with regard to landowners), or as a vendor under contract with FAI. Any other entry will be considered trespassing.

  • Destruction, using, or taking of property. If it is not yours, leave it alone, unless you have the consent of the owner of the property. If you inadvertently damage another's property, that is a matter to be resolved between you and the property owner.

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