Mutant Vehicles

Art Car: 

A stationary vehicle mutated to a degree so that it is not immediately recognizable as the car you drove in with.  A stationary art car will remain in a single place\through out the entire event and will serve as an awesome decoration to your theme camp.  For instance, Party Hard Camp has a tank every year that is actually a Dodge Durango hidden with the use of canvas and PVC piping.  Achieving the effect of an art car can be a very simple thing.  We do not expect you to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars to decorate your car in order for it to pass what we consider as the "standard" for art cars.  The 'standard' is: Can people tell it's a car when they walk up to it?

Mutated Vehicle:

This is an art car that moves around the event.  The purpose of a mutant vehicle is to represent yourself as an artist and to bring a neat idea into the burn.  We've had Nyan Cats, Steampunk GolfCart Boats, Death Car, Yellow Submarine, a UFO, a motorcycle modified to look like a riding bull, a van modified to look like a spaceship.  The list goes on.  In order to pass as a mutated vehicle, the standard is definitely a little higher.  Your mutated vehicle needs to be convincingly un-car like in order to pass registration.  If your registration is approved, you will need to meet with the Department of Mutated Vehicles during check in at the gate for inspection and your special tag.  

All such vehicles must register via Placement Registration.